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    Funcore is the first full-length album by 6TA. 14 fun catchy songs with a music video to every single song on youtube!


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fun catchy punk alternative with a music video to all 14 songs on YouTube!


released December 21, 2012

The God of Rock



all rights reserved


6TA Richmond, Virginia

Putting the F-U in fun. [6TA]

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Track Name: Her Brains
HER BRAINS. she arrives looking just right, but i'm feeling sick from what happened last night. some crackhead homeless guy went berserk on me and took a big bite. and now i feel so strange. i'm fading away and having odd cravings. been anticipating my hot date, but now the plan's changed and i just want to eat her brains. she has the goods, but now i only want her brains. she's ready for love, but i just want to eat her… bought some liquor and drugs, yellow roses, and a box of condoms. we were gonna have so much fun, even started wondering if she was the one. but now those feeling's are gone. memories gone. my soul is gone now. been anticipating my hot date, but now the plan's changed and i only want to eat her brains. she's such fine girl, but i really just want her brains. she's a perfect match and i wanna lick her perfect brains. she feels so good and i bet that she tastes even better. i use to need touch. i use to need her near. i needed her to love me. now i just need her fear. i wished and prayed to have her. a fantasy down the drain. i thought someday we'd have kids. now i just crave her brains.
Track Name: Less Opinions, More Ideas
LESS OPINIONS, MORE IDEAS. less opinions and more ideas are what we're asking for, but you don't even have a clue. less opinions and more ideas are what we want. and we're so sick of being screwed. who decides what is right? should we all just wait to die? die. while you never see the light. you wasted time and now it's time to pay the price. it's not just what we want. it's all about what we need. there's been talk about a new revolution. we've been down on our knees.
Track Name: Reading Rainbow
you all know the words... atleast, you better.
Track Name: Baby Eater
BABY EATER. hey lady, i want to eat your baby. it looks like such a tasty morsel. i'm craving it right now. i only said that i love you to get your baby. some like their babies salty. others like them sweet. don't care how it's prepared i just want baby meat. i must confess though, i do prefer the feet. give me your offspring. i like to host exclusive cookouts with my friends. we grill some babies and the party never ends. leftovers go to local pre-teen orphans. feed me your offspring. if you're the serious type offended by this song. its just for a good laugh so shut up, sing alone. if you can't take a joke i'll play it to piss you off. so give me your offspring. come on people, do you really think i eat babies? i'm just your average sinner and i eat a normal dinner, but some songs the more shocking the better. so feed me your offspring. feast.
Track Name: I Fucked Your Mom
I FUCKED YOUR MOM. you're just a young punk rock boy i notice at some of my shows. but what blew my mind was the night when i finally saw your mom. well, what do you know, about fifteen years ago i fucked your mom. are you my son? she came to pick you up with her boyfriend to take you home. but you when you went to sleep, she called me after he was gone. and he'll never know, but that night i made her my own. i fucked your mom. you are my son. that's what she said. let's go build a tree house son. i'll teach you how to play guitar even though i'm not any good. but that's okay because you're my son and i love you.
Track Name: My Philosophy
MY PHILOSOPHY. i turn on my television and i'm amazed by the things i see. like terror, famine, poverty, war, disasters, and disease. corporate greed, the media battle, crime, and modern politics. i'm looking out of my bedroom window and i'm amazed by the things i see. addicts, pimps, and whores, gangs, racist, thieves, and more. religious nuts, corrupt cops, sex offenders, crazy bums. but just be glad you're alive despite all the things that you see. it's a chaotic life, that's my philosophy. don't think too much
Track Name: Silver Apple
SILVER APPLE. i know i can not own your face. i wish i could. if i could put you in my pocket, then i would. you say you wanna disappear. i think we should. you've been swimming in my blood. don't you long to be goddess dressed in light? do you strive to be my silver apple? would you love to be the lust of my life? will you be the death of me, annie?
Track Name: Cowgirl Boots
COWGIRL BOOTS. hey lady, when the hell you gonna make things right? i'm sick of being sick for you. i'd kill a crackhead or a whore just to be yours tonight. i'm exploding with desire. i don't give a fuck about the situation or your social status. grab your helmet and your cowgirl boots and jump on my bike and we'll light this world on fire. so close your eyes. don't even think to second guess. because you know there's nobody who could ever test it. because you know that i'm best for you. we'll light this world on fire.
Track Name: Get Wasted
GET WASTED. everybody get wasted. down on luck and my job sucks. i'm out of bucks. don't give a fuck cuz everything will be alright when i go out tonight. now i could sit around and frown and mope and cry about this town. i'd rather play the optimist and i don't like to wine. systematic, problematic, everything is so dramatic. i made it through another week and now its time to get fucked up. my apartment is infested with cockroaches and giant vermin and my landlord is such a lust and i'm her main vice. my girlfriend lies and cheats. i know that she's no good for me, but i can't cut her off because the sex is just right. they have the acid, you got weed, i bought the booze, who's holding speed? i hate this place. i love you all. and now it's time to get fucked up.
Track Name: Bed Intruder
original version by The Gregory Bros. you should know the lyrics already.
Track Name: Krissy Bee's Theme
KRISSY BEE'S THEME. oh krissy bee, tell me what's going on, now tell me all about it. i'm think about coming downtown to your apartment. where we can laugh and play. where we can dance and sing the night away. where we can go and drink until the break of day. oh krissy bee, tell me what's going on, now tell me all about it.
Track Name: Pothole
POTHOLE. they say i walk a fine line between poison and blood and night. and it's no lie. i think that they're right. there's no method to my madness. sometimes it's hard to find something right, something to believe in. a good cause to fight the good fight to keep from sliding into this hole. so where do you go to escape from this pothole? so where can i go to escape from this? escape from this pothole. now i'm running out of time. i still hide inside my mind. just need a means to manifest my dreams and nullify this state of sadness. i need a plan. a master plan to escape this land of quicksand. find a balance and take control and reclaim what is left of my soul.
Track Name: Junk Mail
st right. they have the acid, you got weed, i bought the booze, who's holding speed? i hate this place. i love you all. and now it's time to get fucked up. JUNK MAIL. i just can't escape. my apartment's mailbox is full of bullshit. i just can't escape. my e-mail inbox is full of bullshit. just want to burn it all to hell and break free from all this junkman. and i feel sad for all the trees used to make this junk. wish i could destroy these companies that send me all of this junkman. my brain's at full capacity from all this worthless junkman. doesn't anyone real care about me. now i know that it's always gonna keep on coming al the way till the end of the world. and i know there is nothing that will ever stop except the fall of civilization. just have to survive. one day it's gonna be alright. we'll be without all this fucking junkman. some day we'll be alright. soon it'll be alright. one day we'll be alright alright we'll be without all this fucking junkmail.
Track Name: The Flood
THE FLOOD. i'm a tidal wave. i'll drown you in my flood. don't ever say i never warned. i'm on my way to crash into your shore. stay away. you'll never get it. no, you'll never get it.